Got Pencils?

So we asked our readers in our sidebar poll, “What would you like featured most on this blog?”; and many of you have responded modern design. In light of this fact, here is something we found today in our exploration around the net. Please continue voting in our poll and while you are at it please take a moment and vote for us in the sidebar poll at PartIV if you like our efforts. Thank you for your participation.

From the Boex website here is their explanation of the bench shown above:

Pencil Bench

Creative Solutions designed this award winning, quirky bench from a single conversation to see if they could incorporate an everyday office object into a piece of furniture.

The seat is made up of 1600 pencils which are individually sprung. Each pencil can be removed and used.

Boex / 3D Creative Solutions Link

Todd Oldham On Charles & Ray Eames

Interesting short video on Charles and Ray Eames with documentary by Todd Oldham. Arguably two of the best modern American furniture designers whose work featured bent plywood and molded plastics among other early experimental materials. The are reported to have produced hundreds of prototypes to test both the aesthetic and ergonomic qualities of their designs before considering a single release for mass production by Herman Miller among others.