VotW 08: Shigeru Ban On L/Studio

Today we feature a video of Shigeru Ban talking about his work in his own words.  Ban is the architect of such works as the Nomadic Museum, Artek Pavilion, Centre Pompidou Metz and the Aspen Art Museum among others.  As Ban describes in the video, he has long been a proponent of using materials or more specifically, recycled mass produced items in unconventional ways  in his works.  The wikipedia entry for Ban describes his polemics in this way:

For Ban, one of the most important themes in his work is the “invisible structure”. That is, he doesn’t overtly express his structural elements, but rather chooses to incorporate it into the design. Ban is not interested in the ‘newest’ materials and techniques, but rather the expression of the concept behind his building. The materials he chooses to use are deliberately chosen for how they aid the building to do so.

Modern Furnishings No. 03

Today we feature two pieces of furniture of Japanese designer, nosigner. The Arborism Table shown will be offered by Italian furniture maker COVO and will be released this month for resale. Below is a the written explanation from the designer for the inspiration for the design:

Arborism is a table with treeform arms. The design of the unique arms has been configured by the fractal algorithm called “Tree Curve”. So the design is the same as the branch structure of a real tree. The interesting point of this design is that it was completed not by the arbitrary work of the designer but by the logic of nature itself.

By being adapted to urban life recently, we are now far away from natural life. In order to regain our longing natural life, I propose the rehabilitation method by living surrounded by the products of which design hold natural logic.

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