Posta Aerea 10

Posta Aerea 10

So it is 2014, where has the time gone? As I reflect back on the previous year and plan towards the current one I like to go back and assess where my blogging is going. And after reading Posta Aerea 09, it seems I missed the mark. Surprisingly, I began to write this post in my head and then found I had already written it in January 2011. While some of my points and goals are still valid, I find myself asking questioning what do I want to accomplish with my branded blog network.

In 2006, the blogosphere was still in its infancy particularly in terms of architecture blogs. Many initial architecture blogging pioneers have folded. While other classic writers continue to this day such as: A Daily Dose of Architecture, Atelier A+D and Build Blog among others. A few have exploded into huge conglomerations like ArchDaily, Architizer, Archinect and Archello for example. Still others have become more intimate by giving a personal perspective on the practice of architecture by sharing both its joys and pitfalls. If you have never been to these two blogs please visit, Life of an Architect or Coffee with an Architect to understand what I mean.

And now having name dropped for a paragraph, I want to come full circle and offer my future and past readers my goals for this network in the coming year. I would love this network to become a hybrid of sorts. I want east coast Architecture review to be both a place to find unique and intriguing architecture projects as well as to provide a personal practice perspective as someone who is practicing the profession. I hope readers will find this refreshing and something that they will want to read from time to time. I also would love to interact with you, the subscribers, more often than in the past. So please feel free to leave insightful comments or questions so that I may respond.

I once again ask beg my viewers to submit projects for inclusion in the Intriguing Earth Architecture series by going to our Flickr pool and leaving the appropriate project info, photos, etc. I would prefer finished/built projects as they provide inspiration for both young architects and professionals alike. Thank you in advance for your submission.


Bradley Swarts, editor

east coast Architecture review

Posta Aerea 09


So where have we been? Frequent visitors may have noticed the lapse in posts as of late. Well a lot is going on in our lives right now including the downturn in the economy which has affected this author personally. Like so many in the climate we were hit by the inevitable layoffs that have circled the globe but particularly in the United States. We are keeping a keen eye on the recovery and are optimistic that things will turn around in the next 6-18 months. We might write an article on this at another time but for now we will concentrate on more upbeat news, competitions, videos and projects.

We have several exciting things planned for the upcoming year including a more concerted effort to provide more content for you to actually peruse. One thing that has become clear is that there are several quality blogs regarding our profession that have come online since this blog’s inception in 2006. We do not have the staff, nor the time, to compete with them so our focus will be to stick with what or who we know and provide content based on that criteria. We would recommend the following blogs as part of your daily inspiration as well as ecAr:  Arch Daily, A Daily Dose of Architecture, Architizer, Atelier A+D, Build Blog, brute force collaborative just to name a few.

Visitors to this blog who enjoy our Intriguing Earth Architecture series we implore you to contribute projects to our Flickr pool for inclusion on our site. We just do not have the time to scour the entire internet or possibly know of every great project that might fit the taglines of architecture, modern design, urbanism and sustainability. So please add to the collaborative effort to share unique and amazing projects with the rest of our profession and its followers. Besides it is free advertisement for those who are featured!

Here is to a more successful and prosperous new year to everyone and thank you in advance to anyone that wants to contribute. We look forward to giving you more diversions in architecture in 2011.

Bradley Swarts, editor

east coast Architecture review

Posta Aerea 08


We are sifting through the virtual mailbag again and would like to share a few newsworthy items with our readers. So without further ado here are the selections that we have filtered for your enjoyment. The urbanSHED International Design Competition has launched its inaugural event. Here is an excerpt from the press release provided to us:

The American Institute of Architects New York Chapter and the New York City Buildings Department are thrilled to announce the launch of urbanSHED, an international design competition that challenges the global design community to rethink the current sidewalk shed standard and create a prototype worthy of today’s New York City. Details on this exciting competition are in the press release pasted below, and the website is now live: urbanSHED.

The Mountain, BIG Architects

The Urban Land Institute has awarded BIG Architects its 2009 Award of excellence. The project has also won the 2008 Forum Aid Award, 2008 World Architecture Festival Best Housing Award, and the 2009 MIPIM Award. The Mountain is the result of a collaboration with Høpfner A/S, Danish Oil Company JDS, Moe & Brødsgaard, and By & Havn. The ULI had this to say about the winning design proposal:

The Mountain is wonderful example of success that showcases creativity, innovation, and long-term thinking. Perhaps now more than ever, the ULI Awards for Excellence program reminds us of the key difference that responsible design and development can make in terms of longevity and overall community sustainability.

Image Courtesy Peter Aaron/Esto

This striking image arrived in our inbox promoting the work of photographer Peter Aaron. the quality of the images rival that of the renown architectural photographer Iwan Baan. Once again here is a description of the work in the author’s own words:

When Peter Aaron was in Chicago recently, he made a series of exciting images of the new Modern Wing of the Art Institute of Chicago and of the city’s Millennium Park. Aaron, who was awarded an AIA Collaborative Achievement Award, created images that capture the luminous quality of natural light, Renzo Piano’s trademark. Peter’s images locate the Art Institute in relation to the landscape, the park, the city and the lake. The adjacent garden was designed by Kathryn Gustafson, Piet Oudolf and Robert Israel. In Millennium Park, the Cloud Gate is by Anish Kapoor; the Crown Fountain by Jaume Plensa; the bandshell, pavilion and bridge by Frank Gehry. The new museum building and the park are well known, have been often photographed and frequently published. You are surely familiar with the structures and the spaces…but they never looked as energetic and lively as in Peter Aaron’s images. I hope you’ll take a look: esto flickr slideshow to see a slide show of these recent photographs.

Posta Aerea 07

Posta Aerea

It is that time of the year again. Time to share with our readers several recent emails which all seem to have a very common flavor. Competition awards and announcements predominated the virtual mailbox this time.

Design 21 Announces the Winners of its, “Wood, Paper, Checkmark” Competition. The contest was developed to help educate consumers about FSC-certified (Forest Stewardship Council) wood products and promote responsible forest management. The overall winners this cycle were Damian O’Hara & Christophe Roger from France. Their proposal can be found here. To see the other entrants follow the submitted designs link provided by Design 21

World Architecture Community
The World Architecture Community has released posters of the winners of its 2nd Cycle Competition for download. It also has sent out a call-for-entries for its 20+10+X Architecture Awards 4th Cycle Competition. For more information, eligibility and requirements please visit the website url provided here.

Pamphlet Architecture Competition
Pamphlet Architecture is announcing its 30th annual juried competition whose theme is, “Investigations in Infrastructure”. You might know and enjoy these fascinating diminutive periodicals available from PA Press. We will try to add a graphical link in our sidebars when we hear back from them with our request until then the release notes are here.

MONU, the magazine of urbanism, has asked us to let you know that they are having an open call for contributions to their upcoming issue #11 entitled, “Clean Urbanism”. Information for those interested can be found here.

Another email requested that we tout an article labeled, “100 Amazing Flickr Collections for Architecture Buffs” for those who love flickr eye candy please partake.

Speaking of flickr, we would again like to extend an invitation for all of our readers to contribute to our flickr pool at ecAr2.0. We would love to feature your photography or photos of your work on our site (Intriguing Earth Architecture, Modern Furnishings, e.g.) And of course thank you again for your continued interest and support of our site.

Posta Aerea 06

Please forgive our lack of posts. Our editor has been on vacation and is studying and taking the Architects Registration Exam (A.R.E.). A subject that may be featured as an in-depth series in the near future. Now we would like to take care of a bit of housekeeping. In April we reported on a new periodical from Spain entitled, “a+t“. In our post we stated that “DBook” released by them featured only Dutch architecture. This was incorrect and we regret the error. This title features architecture from around Europe and is not solely focused on the Netherlands.

The Storefront for Art and Architecture is taking its show on the road and is currently in London through July 27, 2008. See the exhibition poster below for details:

Storefront for Art and Architecture – POP UP London
The Big CPH Experiment flickr set