Alex Steffen Speaks At TED

Here is the description for the lecture given by Steffen from the TED website: founder Alex Steffen offers a fast-paced round-up of radical (but possible) answers to our planet’s greatest challenges, ranging from green cities and buildings, to digital collaboration tools, to ingenious tools for the developing world (flowers that detect landmines; straws that purify water as you drink; merry-go-rounds that pump water using the energy expended by children at play). As Western-style consumerism spreads to developing countries, we must re-imagine our world — a process he believes is slowly happening in such cities as Vancouver and Portland, Oregon, and also in the developing world, where new technologies and new forms of collaboration are combining to solve 21st-century problems.

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  • Fernando Luiz Lara
    July 15, 2007 at 2:38 pm

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