Posta Aerea 09

So where have we been? Frequent visitors may have noticed the lapse in posts as of late. Well a lot is going on in our lives right now including the downturn in the economy which has affected this author personally. Like so many in the climate we were hit by the inevitable layoffs that have circled the globe but particularly in the United States. We are keeping a keen eye on the recovery and are optimistic that things will turn around in the next 6-18 months. We might write an article on this at another time but for now we will concentrate on more upbeat news, competitions, videos and projects.

We have several exciting things planned for the upcoming year including a more concerted effort to provide more content for you to actually peruse. One thing that has become clear is that there are several quality blogs regarding our profession that have come online since this blog’s inception in 2006. We do not have the staff, nor the time, to compete with them so our focus will be to stick with what or who we know and provide content based on that criteria. We would recommend the following blogs as part of your daily inspiration as well as ecAr: Arch Daily, A Daily Dose of Architecture, Architizer, Atelier A+D, Build Blog, brute force collaborative just to name a few.

Visitors to this blog who enjoy our Intriguing Earth Architecture series we implore you to contribute projects to our Flickr pool for inclusion on our site. We just do not have the time to scour the entire internet or possibly know of every great project that might fit the taglines of architecture, modern design, urbanism and sustainability. So please add to the collaborative effort to share unique and amazing projects with the rest of our profession and its followers. Besides it is free advertisement for those who are featured!

Here is to a more successful and prosperous new year to everyone and thank you in advance to anyone that wants to contribute. We look forward to giving you more diversions in architecture in 2011.

Bradley Swarts, editor

east coast Architecture review

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