VotW 04: Jalisco Library By LOT-EK

Guadalajara Library – LOT-EK from arquiNETWORK on Vimeo.

Ever wonder what could be done with all those left airplane fuselages when they have flown their last miles? Apparently, LOT-EK has given it a lot of thought and has proposed a design for a library in Mexico as an example. You might recall that this New York based firm has been a strong proponent of using/reusing everyday cargo containers in a creative and arguably sustainable way.

An excerpt from noticias arquitectura follows regarding the design:

Over 200 Boeing 727 and 737 fuselages are stacked in a north-south slant in relation to sun exposure for energy efficiency. Two shifts in the direction of the main axis of the fuselages generate two large open spaces within the stack.

The building utilizes the space inside the fuselages to contain and organize functions that require enclosed spaces – such as book collections, meeting rooms and administration offices, – while the 2 large open spaces house a large atrium with all the reading areas on one side and two auditoriums on the other…

noticias arquitectura article
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  • Unknown
    July 28, 2009 at 3:41 am

    There are several amazing interior structures for these designs: airplanes, submarines, ships, and trains. The structure of the building themselves provide the perfect interior for display.