VotW 07: Canal Theater By Baldeweg

In case you were not aware a fairly new website has emerged on the web featuring video reporting of many architectural and design projects throughout Europe. In their own words:

Studio Banana TV is an on-line platform dedicated to the promotion of multidisciplinary creativity in an audiovisual format. Studio Banana TV broadcasts its own video productions which are produced upon demand and which range from interviews to notorious artists, designers, architects, musicians etc. to documentaries on exhibitions, projects and studios. Through its thematic channels it also features a rich selection of videos edited by specialists in each field.

In this weeks video Studio Banana TV features the Canal Theater Building by Juan Navarro Baldeweg in Madrid, Spain. Here is an excerpt from their website describing the video itself:

Juan Navarro Baldeweg (Santander, 1939) is a Spanish architect, painter and sculptor. Navarro Baldeweg has provided a novel look at the constructive practices, in which the work is understood as the subject of an existing physical context activation. He has been guest lecturer at many international universities and is a professor in the Department of Architectural Design of ETSAM. He is author, among other works, of the National Museum of Altamira, the Canal Theatres in Madrid, the National Museum of Human Evolution in Burgos, the Salamanca Congress Centre, the Institute of Archeology and Architecture Awareness in Amersfoort, the Netherlands, or the extension to the School of Music at Princeton University. Special thanks to the Canal Theatre and to Juan Navarro Baldeweg Architects.

Interview and translation by Studio Banana TV

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